• If you've been feeling emotionally worn out after the roller coaster of bad news, loss, isolation and confusion that 2020 has become...

  • If you have a hard time believing that you are worthy of the love, wellbeing and abundance you desire...

  • If you frequently put yourself last in your relationships, or you tend to invest your heart in people who don't align with your energy, leaving you feeling depleted and alone...

  • If you are currently grieving a connection or a way of life that has ended or changed, and your heart needs a healing upgrade...

  • If you need to raise your vibration and realign with your Higher Self, in order to attract and create the reality you want, and you are willing to commit to your improvement and empowerment...


A 21-Day Self-Love Journey that will inspire and challenge you to love yourself back to life, begin or deepen your healing, rebuild your self-worth and step into your power!



Self-love is a habit that restores your innate worthiness, joy and wellbeing. Self-love is a set of actions that heal you from the inside out and empower you to give, make and receive more love in your life.

Self-love is a life-saving practice that will shift the way you see yourself and change how you relate to others and experience the world.

Self-love is not selfish or selfless. It's a self-full and soulful way of moving through this life, as you enjoy and create it to the fullest.

In a world that thrives and profits from your lack of self-worth, self-trust and self-awareness, learning to love, trust and value yourself is the most empowering act of rebellion and declaration of freedom.


You are the main agent of change in your life. You are your rescue. You are the door through which the life you want can be attracted and created. The most important and life-changing relationship you will ever have is with yourself.

Instead of focusing on trying to control or change the outside, or getting others to love, see and accept you, Love Rehab will help you shift your focus to getting YOURSELF to love, trust and accept you.

This 21-Day Self-Love Journey will support you in healing, improving and expanding your relationship with YOURSELF, so that you can naturally attract or create the opportunities and relationships that match your desire, align with your purpose and resonate with your heartbeats.

"Your program has helped me express so much of my pain and work through disappointments and recent events that have shaken me to my core... I have found and expressed my voice in a way I hadn’t before, about things I have been silent about in the past. It has unlocked new elements of relationships and given me strength to shut the door on others."

— Steve Savides


For 21 Days, the Love Rehab Program will guide you through the the 4 main layers of your human experience and help you get to know and love yourself on every level: YOUR MIND (Rational), YOUR HEART (Emotional), YOUR BODY (Physical) and YOUR SOUL (Spiritual). To conclude the challenge we will integrate all four layers into the wholesome Work of Art and Love you are becoming.

MIND (Days 1-5)

Get to know, trust and love yourself through creative rituals and an empowering new narrative for your life. The first 5 days of the challenge will ground you in your truth and set a strong foundation for the renewed love story with yourself that you are starting now.


Express what you have been repressing. Let it all flow through you: unresolved ache, unhealed pain, unexpressed love, unspoken fears. Embrace what makes you feel alive and whole and let go of the rest. Days 6-10 will help with your emotional release and freedom.

BODY (DAYS 11-15)

Embody your love. Accept, appreciate and honor the imperfect wonder of your body, your love vessel, your earthly home in this lifetime. Days 11-15 will help you release toxic energy from your body and feel good in your skin, as you practice loving yourself on a physical level.

SOUL (DAYS 15-20)

Connect with your Higher Self, the Source of universal love and creativity that flows through you, and let yourself be loved, supported and guided by the Universe. Days 15-20 will help you embrace the God-dess within you and feel interconnected with all life.


On Day 21 we will integrate the 4 areas into the wholesome and dynamic work of art that you already are inside. You are not here by mistake. There is a purpose, a music, a beauty to your life, a unique story that no one else in the universe can experience or tell exactly like you.


In our private Facebook Group you will be able to connect with other Artists of Life on the path of self-love, healing and empowerment. There you can share your thoughts, musings, ideas, inspiration and daily victories as you embark on this ongoing Love Affair with Yourself.



Here are all the goodies included in the 21-Day Self-Love Challenge:


Every day of the challenge you will wake up to an inspiring email containing a self-love infusion that will set the tone for the day and motivate you to prioritize yourself on a daily basis.


Along with every email, you will receive a daily worksheet packed with inspiration, journaling prompts and checklists for your self-love rituals, to keep you motivated, and accountable. 


On the first day of the challenge, you will get an in-depth video training, containing self-love motivation, tips, coaching and insight that will fuel and prep you for the 21-day journey.


Like a longer WhatsApp voice note from a friend, but more focused, inspiring & empowering. These compact Coaching Audios will provide you with support & guidance for each section of the program: Mind, Heart, Body & Soul.


A different track of Audio Affirmations for every leg of the challenge, helping you change your inner narrative and train your mind to love yourself through each of the 4 layers of your being: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual.


At the end of the challenge, we will connect as a group through a LIVE CALL, group chat + Q&A session to celebrate, and wrap up the adventure together. If you can't make the call, you will get access to the recording.


Access to our private Facebook Group (optional) for daily interaction, accountability and connection with other participants. The Facebook Group will continue beyond the challenge so you can keep growing, healing and sharing your journey to self-love.


Sign up once and get Lifetime Access to the Love Rehab Program, Portal + Community. You can revisit the content anytime in our private Member Portal + take the challenge as many times as you want.



When you sign up for Love Rehab you also get FREE access to these healing bonuses, to complement your self-love practice:

The Love Rehab Self-Assessment

Where do you stand on the self-love spectrum? How do you perceive yourself? What is your current level of self-worth?

THE GENERAL DIAGNOSIS: Most of us suffer from self-love deficiency, but this manifests in different ways for everyone.

Through this self-assessment, you will get a chance to review your current relationship with yourself and become more aware of your deeper needs, as well as what aspects of you could use more love, self-care and healing.

20-Minute Brainwave Self-Love Meditation

This guided self-love meditation with a binaural beat soundtrack will support your healing, improve the way you feel about yourself, and create an opening in your reality through which new light and love can enter you.

Combining meditation with binaural beats induces your brainwaves into a relaxed state faster. Among other benefits, binaural or "brainwave" meditation helps boost your creativity, manage pain, increase positivity and focus, reduce anxiety and lower stress.

The Wellness Alchemy Cleanse
(3 & 5 Day Plan)

The Wellness Alchemy Cleanse is adaptable to any diet and it will help you detox your body, clear your mind and reset your heart.

Here is what's included in the Wellness Alchemy Cleanse:

  • 1 Video Training with tips & insight for the cleanse.
  • A 10-Page PDF Cleanse Plan — adaptable to any diet.
  • 5 Daily Detox Worksheets to guide and motivate you as well as hold you accountable during your cleanse.

Next session starts on Friday, September 25.
Sign up now and get started with Orientation and the Self-Love Assessment!


"You inspired me to believe in myself again after touching bottom and find the courage to start over at the darkest point in my life. It hasn't been easy but I'm so proud of how far I've come."

— Anna K.


Hi! I'm Andrea Balt and I created Love Rehab to provide you with a guided journey to recovering your true self, rebuilding your self-worth and returning to your natural state of love, abundance, inherent joy and creative power.


Some of my other creative babies include Rebelle Society®, Write Yourself Alive®, Year of You® & Creative Rehab®, among other online programs, communities + LIVE events I've put together in the last decade, designed to help you heal, love and create your life to the fullest.

My academic training includes a 2-year MFA in Creative Writing + Literature and a BA in Communication & Mass Media. I am also a certified Holistic Health Coach, a 200-hour certified Yoga Teacher, and a Dance + Painting + Songwriting enthusiast (when no one's watching).

For almost a decade, I've been teaching Applied Creativity, through Life Coaching, Creative Writing and Lifestyle Design to more than 100,000 creators around the word, through a combination of online communities and mediums, programs and courses, LIVE workshops and retreats.

I am best known for inspiring people from all walks of life to rediscover their innate creative superpowers, trust, write and share their stories, as well as re-create their lives, one act of courage at a time.

"You remind me of who I am and who I’m becoming… Moreover, who I want to be! Your words fuel me onward on my own journey! Gratitude."

— Angie Archer

"What attracted me to your programs is the level of creative permission I felt coming through your writing, and the passion you express about living authentically. Simply being in contact with a person who has given themselves the permission and authority to live on their own terms fuels my permission to do the same."

— Dena Crowder

"Thank you for inspiring me to look within and to become the best version of me. You are a gift to me and everyone you touch."

— Rick Gabrielly

What 21 Days of Self-Love will Do for You

Your Self-Love Journey may begin or deepen with this challenge, but hopefully you will keep learning to love yourself for the rest of your life. Your entire human experience is a School of Love.

These are just some of the many benefits of committing to loving, healing and improving yourself these 21 Days and onward:

  • YOU WILL RELEASE AND LET GO OF STAGNANT, NEGATIVE ENERGY. You will forgive the past and free yourself from energy vampires. You will retract your heart from everything that doesn't align with your purpose and reinvest it in what gives you life.

  • YOU WILL FEEL MORE ENERGIZED, CONTENT AND FREER TO CREATE YOUR LIFE. You will become empowered in your story and motivated to improve yourself. You will stop letting fear interfere with your truth or hold you back from taking creative action.

  • YOU WILL IMPROVE YOUR SELF-ESTEEM, rebuild your self-worth, boost your confidence, and feel abundant and grateful from the inside out, no matter what is happening around you.

  • YOU WILL REALIZE HOW WORTHY YOU ARE OF GIVING AND RECEIVING LOVE. You will begin to value yourself like a unique work of art and you will stop comparing yourself to other works of art.

  • YOU WILL FEEL DEEPLY INTERCONNECTED WITH OTHERS and develop more compassion and empathy for everyone around you. As your relationship with yourself improves, your circle of love will expand and you'll attract like-minded warriors who vibrate at the same soul frequency.

This 21-Day Self-Love Challenge is just the beginning of a renewed love affair with yourself, and through yourself, with all of life.



Here is a recap of everything included with your Love Rehab pass. For a limited time, the cost of this adventure is less than a daily latte.

That's only $2.50 a day for 21 days + FREE unlimited access to the program, bonuses and Love Rehab community for life, as you continue to heal and expand on your self-love journey.

Join us NOW and get Lifetime Access to the program, bonuses + community, as well as all future upgrades at no additional cost!


Here is what's included in the 21-Day Challenge Core Program:

  • 21 Daily Emails containing a self-love infusion that will set the tone for each day and motivate you to prioritize yourself.
  • 21 Self-Love Worksheets (PDF) packed with inspiration, journaling prompts & checklists for your self-love rituals, to keep you motivated and accountable. 
  • 1 in-depth Video Training with self-love fuel, tips, coaching and insight for the 21-day journey.
  • 4 Motivational Voice Notes with support and inspiration for each section of the program: Mind, Heart, Body & Soul. Like a longer WhatsApp voice note from a friend, but more focused, inspiring & empowering.
  • 4 Audio Affirmation Flows One track of affirmations for each layer of the challenge: Mind, Heart, Body & Soul.
  • 1 LIVE Call, Chat + Q&A to celebrate, and wrap up the adventure together at the end of the challenge.
  • Lifetime Access to the Love Rehab Program + all future upgrades, as well as our Members Portal + ongoing Facebook Community for daily interaction, accountability and connection.

Valued at $250

BONUS 1: The Self-Love + Self-Worth Assessment

How much do you love yourself? This questionnaire will help you assess your current relationship with yourself so you can start this adventure aware of where you need more work and healing.

BONUS 2: Binaural Guided Meditation

This guided self-love meditation with a binaural beat soundtrack will support your healing, improve the way you feel about yourself, and create an opening in your reality through which new light and love can enter you.

BONUS 3: The Wellness Alchemy Cleanse (3 & 5 Day plan adaptable to any diet)

The Wellness Alchemy Cleanse is adaptable to any diet and will help you detox your body, clear your mind and reset your heart. It includes:

  • 1 Video Training with tips + dos & don'ts for the cleanse.
  • A 10-Page PDF Cleanse Plan - adaptable to any diet.
  • 5 Daily Detox Worksheets to guide and motivate you, as well as hold you accountable during your cleanse.

Valued at $49



For the first days of enrollment, get Lifetime Access to Love Rehab for only...



Next session starts on Friday, September 25. Sign up now and get started right away with Orientation and the Self-Love Assessment!


"Thank you for seeing me and for inspiring me to see myself in return. Your work has helped me heal."

Linda McGregor

"I've learned more about myself and my inner world, from doing your programs than I got from my entire degree in Psychology."

— Alan Richard


When does the challenge start?

You can get started right away with Orientation and the in-depth Self-Love Assessment. On the checkout page you can choose your preferred start date. You may begin the 21 days on Friday, September 25, Monday, September 28 or Monday, October 5. We recommend you sign up right away so you can take advantage of the extra self-love fuel and get acquainted with the journey before you start Day 1.

What is the signup process?

When you sign up, you receive an instant Purchase Confirmation Email from Creative Rehab, with additional details about the program, followed by access to our Members Portal. Please check your spam / junk folder too, in case the email skips your inbox. If after signing up you don't receive our confirmation email, please get in touch with us via email:

I want to gift this. Can I sign up two or more people?

Yes. You just have to do a separate purchase for each participant and enter each corresponding email address, so they can receive their login details separately. You may also change the contact info after signing up. Email us for any modifications:

I'm busy. How much time do I need every day?

As much or as little time as you can set aside for you. Even 5 minutes a day is enough to get started. Loving yourself is the one life-saving habit that should never compete for your time and attention. This challenge will help you find or make the time to love yourself in practical, inspired ways, no matter what your circumstances are. It can be adapted to ANY SCHEDULE (from the lightest to the busiest) and it contains enough self-love fuel to keep nourishing and supporting you beyond the 21 Days.

Will there be a community? Can I do this privately?

Yes and Yes. To help you stay accountable and interact with other participants + our team during the 21 days of the program and beyond, you can join our private (optional) Facebook Group for daily inspiration and connection. You can also do the challenge privately, without interacting. You will receive all the program content daily via email, and you will also be able to access it in our private Member Portal, to which you get Lifetime Access once you join.

Do you offer refunds?

If you have a change of heart, you may cancel your participation within 24 hours of signing up and get a full refund. If you miss the 24-hour refund deadline and due to conflicting circumstances you are unable to participate in the challenge at this time, you will continue to have Lifetime Access to the Love Rehab program + community, and you can complete it anytime in the future that works for you.

Can I transfer my participation?

Yes. You may transfer your participation to another person anytime before the starting date you choose at enrollment. Contact us by email for cancellations or transfer.

Got more questions? Email us:


We have the saying upside down. Love is not the answer. Love is THE QUESTION to which your life and story must become the answer.

Everything you need in order to heal, improve, create and enjoy your life is already within you. All you have to do is learn to recognize and use it, to get to know and love the person living in your chest.

It's time to stop waiting for others to find, love or accept you. It's time to stop expecting social structures to help, fix or save you. It's time to claim your creative power and take the leading role in your own life.

YOU ARE THE TREASURE. The truest, most alive, aware and abundant version of you is the goal. LOVE IS THE MAP that gets you there.

Love Rehab is a chance for you to learn to use the map in order to become and manifest the treasure that you already hold inside.

An invitation to practice self-love every day, and turn your relationship with yourself into the most rewarding and fulfilling one you've ever had.

Next session starts on Friday, September 25.
Sign up now and get started with Orientation and the Self-Love Assessment!



Who would you be without your narratives of fear or scarcity, unworthiness or loss?

What would you do with the creative energy you spend on fearing, reacting, defending, projecting or regretting?

What things would you create? What people would you attract? What places would you go to? What stories would you live?

You probably already know how to be hurt or wronged by life.


If yes, then join us on a 3-week journey of radical self-love, empowerment and healing!

The time is Now. The mission is Love. The person is You.



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