• If you've been feeling emotionally worn out after the roller coaster of bad news, fear, isolation and confusion we experienced last year...

  • If you have a hard time believing that you are worthy of the love, wellbeing and abundance you desire...

  • If you frequently put yourself last in your relationships, or you tend to invest your heart in people who don't align with your energy, leaving you feeling depleted and alone...

  • If you are currently grieving a connection or a way of life that has ended or changed, and your heart needs a healing upgrade...

  • If you need to raise your vibration and realign with your Higher Self, in order to attract and create the reality you want this year, and you are willing to commit to your improvement and empowerment...


A 4-Week Guided Self-Love Journey that will inspire and challenge you to love yourself back to life, begin or deepen your healing, rebuild your self-worth and step into your power!



Self-love is a habit that restores your innate worthiness, joy and wellbeing. Self-love is a set of actions that heal you from the inside out and empower you to give, make and receive more love in your life.

Self-love is a life-saving practice that will shift the way you see yourself and change how you relate to others and experience the world.

Self-love is not selfish or selfless. It's a selfful and soulful way of moving through this life, as you enjoy and create it to the fullest.

In a world that thrives and profits from your lack of self-worth, self-trust and self-awareness, learning to love, trust and value yourself is the most empowering act of rebellion and declaration of freedom.


You are the main agent of change in your life. You are your rescue. You are the door through which the life you want can be attracted and created. The most important and life-changing relationship you will ever have is with yourself.

Instead of focusing on trying to control or change the outside, or getting others to love, see and accept you, Love Rehab will help you shift your focus to getting YOU to love, trust and accept yourself.

This 4-Week Self-Love Course will support you in healing, improving and expanding your relationship with YOURSELF, so that you can naturally attract or create the opportunities and relationships that match your desire, align with your purpose and resonate with your heartbeats.

"Your program has helped me express so much of my pain and work through disappointments and recent events that have shaken me to my core... I have found and expressed my voice in a way I hadn’t before, about things I have been silent about in the past. It has unlocked new elements of relationships and given me strength to shut the door on others."

— Steve Savides


For 4 Weeks, the Love Rehab Program will guide you through the the 4 main layers of your human experience and help you get to know and love yourself on every level: YOUR MIND (Rational), YOUR HEART (Emotional), YOUR BODY (Physical) and YOUR SOUL (Spiritual). To conclude the challenge we will integrate all four layers into the wholesome Work of Art and Love you are becoming.


Get to know, trust and love yourself through creative rituals and an empowering new narrative for your life. The first 5 days of the challenge will ground you in your truth and set a strong foundation for the renewed love story with yourself that you are starting now.


Express what you have been repressing. Let it all flow through you: unresolved ache, unhealed pain, unexpressed love, unspoken fears. Embrace what makes you feel alive and whole and let go of the rest. Days 6-10 will help with your emotional release and freedom.


Embody your love. Accept, appreciate and honor the imperfect wonder of your body, your love vessel, your earthly home in this lifetime. Days 11-15 will help you release toxic energy from your body and feel good in your skin, as you practice loving yourself on a physical level.


Connect with your Higher Self, the Source of universal love and creativity that flows through you, and let yourself be loved, supported and guided by the Universe. Days 15-20 will help you embrace the God-dess within you and feel interconnected with all life.


On the final week of the course, we will integrate the 4 areas into the wholesome and dynamic work of art that you already are inside. You are not here by mistake. There is a purpose, a music, a beauty to your life, a unique story that no one else in the universe can experience or tell exactly like you.


As the journey unfolds, you will be able to connect with other Artists of Life on the path of self-love, healing and empowerment. There you can share your thoughts, musings, ideas, inspiration and daily victories as you embark on this ongoing Love Affair with Yourself.

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"You inspired me to believe in myself again after touching bottom and find the courage to start over at the darkest point in my life. It hasn't been easy but I'm so proud of how far I've come."

— Anna K.